2006 favorites (best of)

Bonobo - days to come
nu-jazz, jazz-n-groove, jazzatronic
Silversun Pickups - carnavas
hard-rock, emotional psychedelic rock, smashing pumkins
Thom Yorke - the eraser
electronic moody post-rock, kid a radiohead
Beck - the information
modern rock
The Album Leaf - into the blue
lush electronic post-rock
The Knife - silent shout
dark electronica
Tycho - past is prologue
idm, like BofC
Tortoise - a lazarus taxon
out-rock, post-rock
The American Dollar - s/t
epic instrumental electronic post-rock
Cordovan - highway 10 blues
nu-jazz, modern kozmigroov, jazz-n-groove
Burial - Burial
dark hazy brooding and emotive dubstep
Tah Rei - deep light
nu-jazz, jazz-n-groove, downtempo
Alif Tree - french cuisine
nu-jazz, jazz-n-groove, downtempo
Nuuro - All Clear
warm electronica pop
Milosh - you make me feel
lush warm sensual electronica pop
Tool - 10,000 days
hard-rock, epic heavy psychedelic rock
Wolfmother - s/t
heavy hard-rock, recycled 70's hard-rock, modern black sabbath
Loka - fire shepherds
nu-jazz, jazz-n-groove, jazzatronic, modern kozmigroov
Ray LaMontagne - Till The Sun Turns Black
atmospheric singer/songwriter rock
Halou - wholeness & separation
trip-hop, smoky sexy female vocal downtempo, portishead-like
Nostalgia 77 Octet - Borderlands
jazz, modern jazz groove
Paola Fedreghini and Marco Bianchi - several additional waves
nu-jazz, jazz-dance, jazz-n-groove, jazzatronic, modern jazz remixes
Wise in Time - the ballad of den the men
nu-jazz, jazzatronic, soulful modern jazz groove
Monsieur Dubois - Ruff
nu-jazz, danceable hard jazz, souful modern jazz groove, jazzatronic
Brightblack Morning Light - s/t
mellow modal stoner rock
David Borsu - Insight
nu-jazz, jazz-n-groove
Triosk - the headlight serenade
post-jazz, cinematic nu-jazz, jazzatronic, like Tied & Tickled Trio

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