2003 favorites (best of)

The Cinematic Orchestra - man with a movie camera
modal nu-jazz, jazz-n-groove, downtempo, modern kozmigroov
The Detroit Experiment - s/t
jazz-n-groove, modern kozmigroov, jazz soul and modern grooves
The Freeform Arkestra - metamorphosis
nu-jazz, modern kozmigroov, sun-ra influence modern downtempo
Eric Truffaz - the walk of the giant turtle
modern kozmigroov, jazz-n-groove
Bonobo - dial m for monkey
melodic downtempo with jazz hints
Madlib - shades of blue
avant-garde hip-hop, instrumental hip-hop jazz remixes
Radiohead - hail to the thief
Massive Attack - 100th window
trip-hop, downtempo
Ulrich Schnauss - a strangely isloated place
blissful electronica with hints of shoegazer
Express Rising - express rising
warm lush melodic downtempo, like early dj shadow
Postal Service - give up
indie electronica pop
A Perfect Circle - Thirteenth Step
epic hard rock ala Tool
Sleepwalker - sleepwalker
nu-jazz, jazz-n-groove, modern jazz dance
Tied & Tickled Trio - observing systems
future-jazz, nu-jazz, jazz-n-groove, modern kozmigroov
Jaga Jazzist - a livingroom hush
nu-jazz, future-jazz, modern kozmigroov, tortoise with jazz
Lob - geography
modern kozmigroov, modal cosmic jazz groove
Reunion - re:
nu-jazz, jazz-n-groove with an 80's feel
various artists - on the right track by john kong
jazz and groove, bossa jazz fusion grooves
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - B.R.M.C
dark heavy aggressive psychedelic rock
Nicholas Payton - sonic trance
modern kozmigroov in style of 70's miles & herbie

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