1999 favorites (best of)

Innerzone Orchestra - programmed
modern kozmigroov, techno fused jazz
Cinematic Orchestra - motion
modern kozmigroov, jazzy downtempo, nu-jazz
Peace Orchestra - s/t
downtempo, peter kruder, late nite chill
Four Tet - dialogue
out-rock, nu-jazz, post-rock, jazz rock electronica hybrid
Sven Van Hess - Gemini
downtempo electronica, laid-back groove, late nite lounge
Jimpster - messages from the hub
downtempo, nu-jazz groove, cosmic groove
Beanfield - human patterns
downtempo, nu-jazz groove, cosmic groove
Fridge - eph
out-rock, post-rock
Papa M - live from a shark cage
guitar, aerial m, post-folk, post-rock, out-rock
Soul Ascendants - variations
afro-beat, modern kozmigroov, neo-jazz, groove
Tony Allen - black voices
afro-beat, soul jazz funk, modern kozmigroov
Squarepusher - budakhan mindphone
drum-n-bass, future jazz, electronica
Flanger - templates
new-jazz, future-jazz, neo-jazz
Moby - play
electronica with rock and pop
Faze Action - moving cities
nu-jazz, nu-groove, latinish acid-jazz
Bobby Hughes Experience - fusa riot
nu-jazz, nu-groove, latin/samba acid-jazz
Circle - Andexelt
prog-groove rock, heavy jazz-rock, modern kozmigroov
Ektroverde - pingvin
neo-jazz, modern kozmigroov, out-rock, prog-groove-jazz
Tristeza - spine and sensory
out-rock, post-rock, instrumental, analog ambient, tortoise