John Murtaugh
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Blues Current [Polydor, 1970]
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With Bernard Purdie on traps, Herbie on piano and Murtaugh on synth, this album represented an extreme kozmik potential. In truth, it's of demand entirely for the "Slinky" break, and the remaining cuts are just too cute, too precious.  Why?  'Cuz blues progressions played on the ARP just ain't no fun, period. Check also Stardrive's Intergalactic Trot for similar levels of disapointment. [DW]

I love this album. Have it on LP. Just cureous - why Polydor have no CD of it? Or am wrong?

This was a real innovation at the time and I just transferred it to cd.It's still listenable and he attained some really nice sounds which he then wrote tunes for.Aside from Bernard Purdie,Herbie Hancock was on this session on piano...Where might he got the impetus for his later hits????????

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Hey! I like it and it looks great in my record collection.
[John Molloy Murtaugh]

First of all, it's a Moog not an ARP. In fact it's the 4th one Bob Moog made. Murtaugh was one of the first to embrace the synth and this album was a complete departure from the prevailing trend at the time. Murtaugh used the Moog as its own voice and left the rhytm section to the best in business. The songs are a little commercial ( Murtaugh wrote music for advertising ), but listen to anything else from '70... there's nothing out there that's as innovating.