Herbie Hancock
Kozmigroov Albums
Mwandishi [Warner Bros, 1971]
21.7.71 (Nice, France) [Live FM radio broadcast (1 CD)]
18.3.72 (Baden, West Germany [Live FM radio broadcast, (2CDs)]
Crossings [Warner Bros, 1972]
21.3.73 (Boston, w/ Patrick Gleeson) [Live FM radio broadcast, (1 CD)]
Sextant [Columbia, 1973]
Headhunters [Columbia, 1973]
Thrust [Columbia, 1974]
Death Wish (soundtrack) [Columbia, 1974]
Dedication [Columbia/Sony, 1974]
In Concert Volume 2 [CTI, 1974]
Man-Child [Columbia, 1975]
Flood [Columbia, 1975]
Secrets [Columbia, 1976]
V.S.O.P. [Columbia, 1977]
Future 2 Future [Transparent, 2001]
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Volume 1 of In Concert was credited to Freddie Hubbard and Stanley Turrentine, but both volumes feature a sextet recording from two concerts in March 1973.  Volume 2 takes the edge for its sidelong mix of two versions of "Hornets"-- very different animals here than on the Sextant lp, not surprising given the players involved (Eric Gale, Ron Carter and Jack DeJohnette round out the sextet.)  Think of this one as the soul jazz interlude between the electric spacetrip of the septet and the jazzfunk of the Headhunters.  Historically important, but not in any kinda academic way-- Herbie's solos are phat and occasionally get way out there.  Absolutely wonderful shit. [DW]

on _Future 2 Future_:
Herbie reinvents himself for the 21st Century -- and ends up turning out one of his most compelling albums in years! As with his Future Shock years, Herbie's working here with Bill Laswell -- but if that scares you a bit (it did us!), don't worry, because Laswell's much more in the background than you'd think, and instead, Herbie relies on some strong work by guests that include Carl Craig, Chaka Khan, Wayne Shorter, Tony Williams, and Rob Swift, to help take the groove to a whole new level. [DustyGroove]

"The music on the record as a whole is a bold statement of creativity possibilities for the 21st century. Every piece has its own character and explores the use of spoken word, songs with a message, African chants, environmental sounds, ethnic sounds from many lands, with jazz, hip-hop rhythmic structures, new electronic ambient sounds, and other musical elements assembled with the latest technological editing techniques. In this environment the spirit is very much one of spontaneity and improvisation. We purposely approached the organization of the pieces through a process of reexamining the conventional uses of the instruments and including new uses of those instruments. This opened up possibilities that are unlike any that I have recorded in the past yet utilizing all the experience that the other seasoned musicians and I bring from the past. There are both new young musicians and veterans collaborating on this record. The different generations have brought the best that they have to offer to this project."
---Herbie Hancock

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Nice Site!

This is unbelievable.For a long time, I have fantasized about Mwandishi bootlegs.Then I found BADEN 72 (Switzerland), and it wasn't very (kozmi)groovy to me.Then I found NICE 71.With a better sound, it contains one of my all-time fave:OSTINATO.Deception: the song is not complete at all.Then I found BOSTON 73.I couldn't believe my ears.You have a 40(forty)-minute version of HORNETS + 20mn version of "YOU'LL KNOW...", with excellent soundboard sound, Herbie on fire, Pat Gleeson on outer space ARP, a guest percussionist,and 20 lucky people in the club.
Very interesting to see how Herbie polished his group's sound a few months later with HEADHUNTERS.
Record companies don't want to put that stuff on the market - so we have to steal it on the internet.(by the way, there's another FM one: "HAMBURG 70", with a 50-minute OSTINATO.Pfeewwww...)

Nothing is better than Herbie's "Secrets" while the sun is sinking low. After every day I look to this album as my keepsake of relaxation. An entire anthology of funk that should be the basis for all albums out there that are looking for that groove thing that may seem to elude most songwriters. I'm totally blown away by this album. It is mesmerizing...do yourself a favor and get this album today. Sit back with some tea and just get lost...it's beautiful; especially "People Music".
[Graham Ginn (Santa Fe)]

A good starting point in Herbie's Kozmigroovie music is "Sextant" rather than "Head Hunters" because although "Head Hunters" got a lot of rythm, funk and chops on it, "Sextant" is more deep and meditative

I can deeply suggest to listen to Hancock´s "People Music" from the "Secrets" album..best time is while walking alone through the calm nature at evening and thinking about his own past (situations,people,feelings etc.) use a good quality walkman at medium volume...try it !!
[Rainer Krause Tarabos]

It's all about Sextant for me. The isolated sound of each instrument in a rather large band, abutted against pre-Arp, pre-melodic synth playing makes this the sound of true fusion to my ears. The most successful melding of both jazz and electronic sensibilities... I've not yet heard its like.
[Brandon Larson]

Poco a poco me convertí en un fanático de Herbie. Derivé a él desde Miles Davis y cuando escuché Headhunters supe quién era el autor de ese tema tan televisivo (Chamaleon). Luego conseguí sus discos con Mwandishi y creo que son algunos de los mejores discos de esa época de experimentación en el jazz. Me refiero a Mwandishi, Crossings y Sextant, en que combina el jazz, con la fusión emergente en esa época, el funk, y la improvisación libre. Posteriormente su estilo es más comercial para llegar a hacer discos francamente desechables a principios de los 80.
[Daniel Ramos]