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Intergalactic Trot [Elektra, 1973]
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Space jazz for the 70s -- a classic batch of synthesizer fusion from keyboardist Robert Mason, whose groove here is totally great! The album's got rhythms that are rooted in rock, but executed in jazz -- making for a chunky, funky sound that really helps this album cross over nicely! Mason's synth work is really great -- spinning and spiraling out into the cosmos, but held firmly in line with drums from Steve Gadd, percussion from Bruce Ditmas, and a range of saxes from Michael Brecker. Electronics really dominate the set -- in a good way too -- making the album one of the first of its kind for the era, alongside work by Patrick Gleeson and other artists who'd take this sort of thing to the nth degree!

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[bob molerio]

is this the all instrumental synthsizer album that rocked my world in the '70's??? How can i get a copy of it?
[steve coumbe]