Bayeté (Todd Cochran)
Kozmigroov Albums
Worlds Around The Sun [Prestige, 1972]
Seeking Other Beauty [Prestige, 1973]
Automatic Man (credited to Automatic Man) [Island, 1976]
Visitors (credited to Automatic Man) [Island, 1977]
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Bayeté (Todd Cochran) was a West Coast keyboardist most notable for his presence on Julian Priester's classic, Love, Love, composing "Eternal Worlds" and bravely accepting Herbie Hancock's seat at the piano. Cochran also contributed heavily to the success of Bobby Hutcherson's Head On and Hadley Caliman's Iaepetus. His solo debut, Worlds Around The Sun, is closer to his soulful sets with Hutcherson (and includes many of the same musicians, including the vibraphonist fully representin') while occasionally boosting the funk quotient. The most ear-opening moments are found in the lengthy "Bayeté"-- which begins with a percussive vibe that suggests Joe Chamber's "Almoravid" then transforms into a nice modal stormer-- and the original version of "Free Angela", a track that Santana would subsequently honor on their live Lotus set. (According to the Prestige Records press release tucked into my copy of Seeking, Bayeté additionally scored Francisco Newman's documentary on Angela Davis, Ain't Nobody Slick. Dunno if a proper soundtrack was ever issued and the search engines are shooting blanks on this title.) Redefining himself further as Bayeté Umbra Zindiko, Seeking Other Beauty is a lethal dose of nasty spacefunk. The wah effects on "Don't Need Nobody" are possibly the most extreme use of the Fender Rhodes that I've yet heard. Believe it, this is as wild and filthy as early Funkadelic. Subsequent appearances by Bayeté, including sessions with Alphonso Johnson and John Klemmer, are less memorable. While I've yet to discover the debut Automatic Man lp (with Santana drummer Michael Shrieve, hmm), the Visitors album is worth describing here since all cuts were authored by Bayeté. That said, this is just a mediocre shot at mersh funk-rock, although arguably ahead of its time in predicting the ghastly and overblown rock guitar productions of the 80s. [DW]

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[Bayete Lives]

In the Uk they have a radio show called Desert Island Discs, where the guest chooses 10 pieces of favourite music to live with on a desrt island a la Robinson Crusoe. Automatic Man is the ultimate, the supreme choice. No other rock music surpasses it in emotional power and inventiveness. I would love to know if Todd Cochran is still making music.
[Andrew Woodfield]

Hi there, I was wondering if you happened t know the recording date for Hadley caliman's Ipateus?
many thanks,
Simon Hunt
[Simon Hunt]

I have the first automatic man album on cd now in Holland
[martin james woldinga]

The first Automatic Man record is one of the three or four most underrated albums ever. What a group. What depth. Musicianship, soul, power and a positive message too.
[alex s]

i also bought the album based on michael shrieve but think this was the best album of its kind .i have been trying for years to buy the first album on cd with no luck.i do have the second one and i like it but on the first album mike plays the drums unbelievable.never heard that before except a little on santana's welcome and borbeletto album.if you know how to get the original on cd please email me .


Every so often I run my Automatic Man search, usually only vinyl comes up and I already have 2 copies. Imaagine my pleasure as I listen tho this on CD (well, iTunes) now!
Goto or CD LEM 29
[Simon Lovegrove]

The first and only "Automatic Man" is without a doubt a masterpiece in its own rite. Its is still my only favorite album of all time. "Visitors" seems to lead into a different direction on its own. What from I understand,Bayete(Todd)wanted to lead the group into a different direction all together. Even though it is uneven in spots, it still has the basics for "funk" in some tracks. What I would love to know is here is this:
Has the original lineup ever appeared and performed live?
I would give most anything to hear those tapes.Your comments and input are apreciated;

The 1st Automatic Man album is a masterpiece, plain & simple.
Mind-boggling musicianship and interesting, highly creative & original songs make it a little-known classic.

There's only 1 album like it in all of human history.

But it is now available on CD (as of March, 2005).

Search the web for it and GET IT!!

Amaze your friends!

But more importantly--Amaze YOURSELF!

Automatic man 1 stands above the second release as the second sounds almost like pop music the first is rougher longer and with Shrieve on drums the band sounded complete and was he was a founding member, Bayete's keyboards often played lines with the guitar you couldent tell where one left off I have friends who have both albums the first is the one to listen to it's like a a cool Hendrix/EWF fusion you wouldn't think a drummer would make that much of a diffrence but they obviously changed somthing

It's a pity this reviewer has not heard Automatic Man's self titled first lp. It is a classic slab of metal funk, with progressive flourishes and some astounding electronic sequencer work. Absolutely nothing like the second l.p. "Visitors", which really blows. I suggest the reviewer read up on subject matter before submitting opinions. Thank you.