Julian Priester
Kozmigroov Albums
Love, Love [ECM, 1974]
Polarization [ECM, 1977]
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Love, Love is a natural extension of the ideas Priester mined with Herbie's Mwandishi sextet.  The title track is a side-long akimbo groove anchored by ubiquitous phased drums and ostinato basslines and adorned with collective sounds from electric piano, horns, and Patrick Gleeson's ARP.  Hypnotic and quite essential. [DW]

Both great albums, but Love, Love is a journey everyone should take. Just sit back & enjoy (now on cd means not having to get up and flip it over)

got the cd reissue the other day......awesome spacetrip fusionjazz. absolutely essential kosmic listening!!

Julian's echo laden trombone work on VSOP (Herbie Hancock et al.) is a highlight of that record for me. Also look for him on Sun Ra records.

"Love,Love" is being reissued by ECM. Should be out in August or September of '05.

It's been reissued by ECM on June 2005 in CD format!!!!!

Love, Love is in this moment (may, 3, 2004) available for download in www.darkfunk.com

[Daniel Ramos]

I'm currently in the process of selling my vinyl LP collection, Love,love just happens to be in it: Freak_Q_Librium@hotmail.com
[Freak Q Librium]

i am trying to locate a copy of this lp, any ideas where i can get one??
[paul needham]