Bobby Hutcherson
Kozmigroov Albums
Now [Blue Note, 1969]
San Francisco [Blue Note, 1970]
Head On [Blue Note, 1971]
Natural Illusions [Blue Note, 1972]
Live At Montreux [Blue Note, 1973]
Cirrus [Blue Note, 1974]
Montara [Blue Note, 1975]
Linger Lane [Blue Note, 1975]
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As much as I hate to disagree with the Bobby Hutcherson = Godhead equation, I did pick up one slightly duddy disc from '72 (I figured anything before '75 *had* to be great): Natural Illusions, which is comprised of all standards with a distressingly "Timid Jazz" feel... [JW]

kosmigroov?..... hmmm, i coulda sworn he was the Soviet minister of music during the Brezhnev era...... ahh, anyway, just wanted to say kosmigroov, or whatever... Bobby Hutcherson is the High Priest of Righteous Groove... the man can do no wrong, and anything less is heresy!
[master c]

"Even Later" from Cirrus is my favorite Hutcherson moment. A piece of music so haunting and beautiful it's almost like entering an altered state. Not quite Kozmigroov, but still totally sublime.

Bobby Hutcherson -second only to Trane as the finest Blue Note recording artist! Closely followed by Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, Freddie Hubbard, Horace Silver, Duke Ellington, Charles Mingus, Sonny Rollins, Jimmy Smith, Art Blakey, Dexter Gordon, Herbie Hancock and Donald Byrd. LINGER LANE, NOW, HAPPENINGS, OBLIQUE, SAN FRANCISCO, MONTARA and STICK UP are all serious pieces!
[JC - Here & Now Recordings]

check out highway one. it is nice and mellow. takes your mind to a nice place.

try knucklebean. apalling cover design belies awesome music in the mould of the epic Waiting lp. all tracks are instantly addictive and becomes an album that you play to give yourself a paton the back.
[london ash] incredible album of both upbeat and slow brewing mystery, self-reflection, lyrical exhuberance, curiosity's innocence...Spring's morning of discovery...Winter's unyielding secrets...Now brings us forward and back to the present, to the lingering moments of restful mind and calmed heart, and to the fullness of explorations of the spirit.