Clive Stevens
Kozmigroov Albums
Atmospheres [Capitol, 1974]
Voyage To Uranus [Capitol, 1975]
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The personnel [on Voyage To Uranus] are Stevens (tenor, soprano and flute), a fine sounding John Abercrombie, Ralph Towner who plays almost exclusively Fender Rhodes (!) with only a smattering of 12-string guitar, Michael Thabo Carvin on drums, David Earl Johnson (congas, timbales, etc.) and Stu Woods, electric bass. Recorded in NYC, this is a notch above the average electro-jazz record and not atypical of the period - no ghastly fusion cheez-funk moves, but none of the density that makes a true kozmigroov masterpiece. I had a John Klemmer comparison stored in the back of my head and I'm sorry to report that's not far off the mark on the soft parts - Stevens' tone is often undistinguished - the parts where he lays out and Abercrombie and Towner try to pretend they're on a Miles record are the best.  Stevens might also merit comparison to Jan Garbarek after Manfred Eicher had "gotten to him" a little too much. It also reminds me of some mid-70s Euro jazz-rock, specifically the Italian band Perigeo (there's no way I'm going to try to convince anyone a band like that is brilliant but I retain a certain affection for the style). [BB]

Here you find everything in case of Clive's discgraphy.... We had him with BEAT 17 on our Weather Report tribute album. Check our website - Clive Website is:

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