John Klemmer
Kozmigroov Albums
Blowin' Gold [Cadet, 1969]
All The Children Cried [Cadet, 1970]
Eruptions [Cadet, 1970]
Constant Throb [Impulse!, 1971]
Waterfalls [Impulse!, 1972]
Intensity [Impulse!, 1973]
Magic and Movement [Impulse!, 1974]
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While John Klemmer's early albums may have skirted the cheez-fusion elements, they also weren't as dense as some of us here like 'em.  Might've had something to do with his formative years with Don Ellis, whose ensemble possessed an uncomfortable amount of levity. A safe initial investment might be the 2lp sampler of Cadet tracks, something regrettably entitled, Magic Moments.  Don't let the Bert Kaempfert vibe of the package turn you off, 'cuz this has some tasty cuts of electronic spacejazz, including "Excursion #2", "Children of the Earth Flames" and the even more questionably named, "Gardens of Uranus." Like Eddie Harris, Klemmer employed an electric saxophone, and proceeded to echoplex the hell out of it.  (And like Gato Barbieri, Klemmer released some painfully bad fuzak albums into the late 70s.)  Look for cameos from Phil Upchurch and Pete Cosey, who sessioned for Cadet in the late 60s. [DW]

you guys might want to check out "waterfalls"
live from the ash grove in l.a. 1972 if haven't already.
straight off the floor onto the tape. it's the moment when klemmer and friends captured a great set.

A very intense artist in the 60's and early 70's, By the early 80's had seemed to burn out. Sound became more soothing and mellow, and a lot of the tunes sounded alike. The Album Mosaic is one such release. I still listen to Blowin' Gold, Eruptions, Magic and Movement...lots of improv.
[DJ Proc]

looking for the album with phil upchurch'My love has butterfly wings

my brother brought blowin gold back from washington back in the 70s and after i heard it i couldnt stop listening to it.sad to say i lost the album and havent been able to find it.