David Liebman
Kozmigroov Albums
Lookout Farm [ECM, 1974]
Drum Ode [ECM, 1975]
Sweet Hands [A&M, 1975]
Light'n Up Please [A&M, 1977]
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Dave Liebman's most high-profile sessions were Miles Davis' Get Up With It and Dark Magus. During his tenure with Davis, he also initiated the Lookout Farm quartet, rounded out by Richie Beirach, Frank Tusa and Jeff Williams (although all of their albums were solely credited to Liebman.) Their first eponymous lp Drum Ode, featuring no less than seven percussionists (including Collin Walcott and Badal Roy on tablas), is probably the one most affected by his tenure.  Abercrombie on elg, Richie Beirach on Rhodes, Gene Perla on bass, and Lieb truly ascend on saxes and flute. From the crazy voiceover of "Goli Dance" through to the kozmigroov classic, "The Iguana's Ritual," and "True Sound," the meditative closer, this one hits some pretty dizzying heights. The final Lookout Farm album, Sweet Hands immediately kicks into the abstract, propulsive "Dr. Faustus" and includes some really nasty playing by Liebman and John Abercrombie. [DW]