Miles Davis
Kozmigroov Albums
In A Silent Way [Columbia, 1969]
1969 Miles -- Festiva De Juan Pins [Sony, 1969/93]
Bitches Brew [Columbia, 1969]
A Tribute To Jack Johnson [Columbia, 1970]
Black Beauty [Columbia, 1970]
At Fillmore [Columbia, 1970]
Live-Evil [Columbia, 1971]
On The Corner [Columbia, 1972]
In Concert [Columbia, 1972]
Big Fun [Columbia, 1974]
Get Up With It [Columbia, 1974]
Dark Magus [Columbia, 1974]
Agharta [Columbia, 1975]
Pangaea [Columbia, 1975]
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The Complete On The Corner Sessions fills in a lot of gaps from 1972-1976, and has some great cuts from the Magus/Agharta/Pangea band that should have been released much sooner.

Like you, I got BB when I was about 15 which then led me to In A Silent Way..and so on. Got Jack Johnson much later and wasn't as into as some others. Love Dark Magus and Pangaea. Miles was it.
[Mike V]

Stay so good and many people come back - sure
[rectal exam story]

A Tribute To Jack Johnson rocks from the beginning. McLaughlin bluesing it up. More straightforward in it's groove than BB. I prefer when McLaughlin is more angular and less direct like on In A Silent Way and BB.

Bitches Brew I first copied onto a cassette when I was 15. I did not know what it was, never heard anything like it, but I played that tape till it snapped. Full of heat and voodoo. Dark and pagan grooves, burning your soul and Miles horn quenching your thirst. This music will set you alight forever.