Freddie Hubbard
Kozmigroov Albums
The Black Angel [Atlantic, 1970]
Red Clay [CTI, 1970]
Straight Life [CTI, 1971]
First Light [CTI, 1972]
Sky Dive [CTI, 1972]
Keep Your Soul Together [CTI, 1973]
In Concert [CTI, 1973]
Polar AC [CTI, 1974]
High Energy [Columbia, 1974]
Liquid Love [Columbia, 1975]
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Freddie Hubbard's The Black Angel is cranking out my player now, sounding more like 1970s Miles than I'd ever heard him sound....electric piano background, congas, James Spaulding, that vibe thing; and CTI-era gloss seems not yet conceived. Also not unlike Donald Byrd's Electric Byrd... [ISH]

Sky Dive is fairly straightahead, except for the funkier "Povo" cut, which then again is much better in extended form on In Concert. Better to look for the latter. [DW]

First Light for me is the greatest Freddie Hubbard album for me. Those soulful notes and that cool groove of the title track. The rhodes chords Herbie at the start send a shivver every time. Mindblowing.