Donald Byrd
Kozmigroov Albums
Kofi [Blue Note, 1970]
Electric Byrd [Blue Note, 1970]
Ethiopian Knights [Blue Note, 1971]
Black Byrd [Blue Note, 1972]
Street Lady [Blue Note, 1973]
Steppin' Into Tomorrow [Blue Note, 1974]
Places and Spaces [Blue Note, 1975]
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Kofi, which I think precedes Electric Byrd, is a mix between kozmigroov and traditional jazz. Perhaps it is the first album in which Byrd starts to explore the kozmigroov scene. Ethiopian Knights is the best kozmigroov album in my opinion, similar to Electric Byrd but more upbeat. Following that album is Black Byrd, which has funkiness added to it, with some vocals, lots of cool percussion. Also a very good album. After Black Byrd the albums get more and more into the late 70's disco/soul jazz vein and i don't care for them as much. Too much vocals, not enough jazz. [AH]

Ethiopian Knights is a powerhouse; just two deep, trancy funk grooves (well, the first one fades into a pretty little tune that somehow reminds me of the coda to "Laila") that nonetheless stay really airy & fresh in that Donald Byrd way.  Lots of nice analog delay on the horn, some fuzzbass near the end; very trippy & cool stuff. Street Lady is kinda like Black Byrd but with wiggier synth action.  Still very cool, but some *excruciating* vocals (esp. the "Woman's Lib" cut!!).  I remember really digging "Witch Hunt" & the title cut.... And hey, I'm apparently the only Space Disco fan in the house, but I might win a few more converts if you folks'll bend an ear to the "Night Whistler" track from the aetherically funky Places & Spaces. [JW]

I'd agree with the general consensus on Donald Byrd. Electric Byrd gets its groovy qualifications from Airto and Hermeto Pascoal but Ethiopian Knights is about as close as he came to kozmik. I love most of his records from Fancy Free on up (actually I could listen to that title track for what a groove). [ISH]

What was the motivation behind the song, "Maryland"? Is That a person, place, other?

I have been trying to find Forbidden Love for over 20 yrs. Can someone please point me to where I can find it. Thank you in advance.
[Avia Smith]

Don't forget A New Perspective by Donald Byrd on Blue Note. Byrd teams up with Duke Pearson and the result one of his pivotal Blue Note moments and featuring the use of voices. Very soundtracky stuff pre-dating Ennio Morricone. And if you like A New perspective check out the Kenny Burrell long player Asphalt Canyon Suite which is in a similar vein and equally as good. In this project Johnny Pate plays the role of Duke Pearson!
[JC - Here & Now Recordings]

The CD:

I'm checking to see if any people here know of any cds, modern or from past decades, that sound fairly similar to Donald Byrd's "Ethiopian Knights" and "Electric Byrd". Much appreciated.

does anyone have Pretty Baby from the the first Donald Byrd and 125th St NYC album?


and its also sold on donald byrds song butterfly

the donald byrd cd love bird cd with butterfly is sold at curcit city.

I'm still looking for these three songs:forbidden love,I love your love & love has come around.Any help is
[Bill Owens]

Ok folks. For everyone that is looking for the Love Byrd songs on CD I should have them by the end of the week. My brother is going to send them to me.
[Timothy R. Cozart]

You can purchase the album on EBAY. Not the CD.

Anyone finds Love Byrd on cd, please let me know. I have the album...I just need the songs converted to CD. (

Thanks, MLVTW


Hello Mr. Cozart. If you can gett your hands on "Love Byrd", e-mail at pastorlcburks@ yahoo.comm. thanks in advance. pccb

I was happy to see all of the inquiries about the album, "Love bird". I, too, would love to have that album. even if I can't have the ablum, the first 2 songs will do! "Love has come around" and "Butter fly".
[C.C. burks]

I am looking for butterfly by Donald Byrd ... just the one song but cannot find it anywhere. Does anyone know where I can find this song? Thnx. I can be reached at . Thnx.


Where is the Love Byrd CD with Butterfly?

S.Cook - MD
[Sabrina Cook]

Where is the Love Byrd CD with Butterfly?

S.Cook - MD
[Sabrina Cook]

Is there anyone out here that can help me with finding and/or getting copies of "forbidden love"(from Words,Sounds,Colors and Shapes)and "love has come around" & "I love your love"(from Love Byrd).I lived in D.C. for awhile in the '70's and fell in love with Donald Byrd's music and the music of the Blackbyrds.These three songs bring me back to a much more energetic time of my life,and finding them has been most difficult.Any help would be
[bill owens]

I have been for a very long been searching for Donald Byrd and 125th Street, NYC. Please email me at
[Loraine Smith]

I have the entire Love Byrd CD, so I can send you those songs if you like. I could probably get all of his stuff with 125th street NYC. My brother was the bass player in that group and I thnk my cousin has all of the rest of the albums.
Email me idf you havent got them yet.

[Timothy Cozart]

Hello I can send you Love has come around if you like.
I am in search of Butterfly also for another friend on a radio station

Can someone help; I am looking for Donald Byrd & 125th Street NYC "Love Byrd" the first two songs are Love has come around and Butterfly.