Weather Report
Kozmigroov Albums
Weather Report [CBS, 1971]
I Sing The Body Electric [CBS, 1972]
Live In Tokyo [Sony/CBS, 1972]
Sweetnighter[CBS, 1973]
Mysterious Traveller [CBS, 1974]
Tale Spinnin' [CBS, 1975]
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Live in Tokyo is angular, vicious (and viscous) stuff, and scared the shit out of me the first time I heard it. I was expecting the luscious funk throb of Sweetnighter, but was confronted with a snarling spitting distortofest. Everyone in the band sounds really wound up. Top stuff. [PM]

Live in Tokyo is indeed a trip on par with early 70s Miles Davis. As Marsh describes, it's not nearly as polite as Sweetnighter, or anything else in the catalog I've heard; Zawinul thrashes his electric keyboard with full on ring modulation, Vitous is aggressive as you'd expect, and Shorter blows through his solos like mad. There's something sweaty and greasy about the whole show. Maybe they were trying to blow some Japanese minds at this show? In any case, this is what I imagine an idea-generating session with these guys to be like. If these songs are indeed from a single night, they got their money's worth. The double-LP-ness of the affair only adds to its mystery/allure.... uncut.
[Andrew Schrock]

one of the great fusion bands. i have all of there stuff.when someone wants to get in to fusion music i turn them on to weather report.they become very happy and excited and want more. i am now looking for them on dvd. i use to see them all the time when they came to nyc.and loved the take my word. they are what fusion is all about.pick-up the music. any of it. and start collecting fast.cause there is a lot of music to pick-up. do it now!!!!!!

Ehm... "Tale Spinnin'", not "Tail Spinnin'"...


HI, I am looking for copies of 1972/3 W Report, can you give me any info and contacts? I have some that could trade if necessary too...thanks
[martyn samuels]