Michael White
Kozmigroov Albums
Pneuma [Impulse!, 1972]
Spirit Dance [Impulse!, 1972]
Land of Spirit and Light [Impulse!, 1973]
Father Music, Mother Dance [Impulse!, 1974]
Go With The Flow [Impulse!, 1974]
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I expect you're familiar with [White] from John Handy's Quintet & The Fourth Way, both a-list ensembles already I think. Pneuma's side-long title track's more on the cosmic/out side, starts out like an Art Ensemble record with small percussion, some nice inside-the-piano stuff from Ed Kelly, going on thru a series of encounters within the group (rhythm section's Ray Drummond, Kenneth Nash on percussion -- strictly by hand). This whole side has more of an AACM feeling than a Miles kinda thing, but it is just *so* good. On the other side, "Ebony Plaza" is more inside, just over nine minutes of modal groove, Kelly doing his best McCoy Tyner impression in the background (he gets to do it in the foreground on "The Blessing Song"), and White blazing away on top. The kozmigroov charter-centric stuff is the last two cuts "Journey of the Black Star" adds a vocal quartet (Faye Kelly, Leola Sharp, D. Jean Skinner, Joyce Walker) contributing the profound sentiment "EE-yah" over & over & over again ... in "The Blessing Song" they actually get some lyrics before they sink into ooh-aah ... both cuts are midtempo infectious grooves (ok, I've started playing this one now, it just feels so Just-After-Sunset-Summer-Night I could die) -- "Journey" is a bit more *pushed*, "Blessing" just sways into the sunset -- both would be prime sweet-soul dancing cuts if it weren't for that lunatic scraping away like he wants to be (post-Miles pre-ALS) Coltrane on top (but that's what makes it *good*). This side is a great argument for the live drummer ... Nash patters around all over the place *tonally*, but damn if he isn't on that One ... always a groove, never the same. [JF]

Pneuma is growing on me by leaps and bounds with every listen. His style is less abstract than Leroy Jenkins and his backing is very kozmigroovy bass, piano, percussion; voices on one track. I own another of his records, a George-Duke-produced affair from the late 1970s (called the X-Factor if I recall correctly) that is kinda kozmigroov plus disco that basically sounds like a violin added to a 1978 George Duke record (in my book that's generally still pre-suck but he was heading on down that path). [ISH]

Father Music, Mother Dance - Reiko is one of the most beautiful tunes you're likely to hear. This shows a man in touch with his instrument. Go With the Flow has some great moments of blackness with bass-driven grooves. These 2 are my favs.

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where can I find Michael White X Factor 1978 elektra records

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