Mal Waldron
Kozmigroov Albums
The Call [Japo, 1971]
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Prior to his involvement in the most kozmigroovy of Embryo recordings, Mal Waldron did a one-off with organist Jimmy Jackson-- who'd also later work with Embryo-- and the Et Cetera rhythm section of Eberhard Weber and Fred Braceful. This release, which inaugurated the Japo label, consists of two sidelong cuts. The title track, which Embryo would later cover this on their Steig Aus joint, begins with a punchy Morse-coded organ line and builds to a powerful near-funk groove that's further elevated by Jackson's space-organ dissonance. "Thoughts" has a slower pulse and makes a sudden exit to the reverb chamber in the latter half, wherein Weber's punch and grind bass solo offsets the otherwise peacefulness of the track. Waldron himself keeps strictly to the electric piano for both sides. Outside of his albums with Embryo, I'm unaware of anything in his discography similar to this very sweet headtrip of electric jazz. [DW]

Sorry, but Embryo's STEIG AUS was recorded forty days before (Dec. 22, 1970). But You are right, that these tracks are extraordinary.
[Engelbert Schramm]