Bugge Wesseltoft
Kozmigroov Albums
New Conception Of Jazz [Jazzland, 1997]
Sharing [Jazzland, 1998]
Moving [Jazzland, 2001]
Filming [Jazzland, 2004]
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_New Conception of Jazz_
One of the most groundbreaking new artists of the jazz-influenced production generation! Lots of folks talk about how much jazz there is in their work, but when you hear their drum n bass singles, you're kind of hard pressed to figure out what they mean. Not Bugge, though --as his work's incredibly rich with an array of jazz influences -- from funky 70s to 60s modal to groovy European. The tracks are still very heavily produced -- and fall somewhere in a post-drum n bass kind of range musically -- but Bugge's talent for real instrumental flourishes keeps the whole thing extremely fresh, even though the album's a few years old.