Miroslav Vitous
Kozmigroov Albums
Infinite Search (Mountain In The Clouds) [Embryo, 1970/Atlantic, 1972]
Purple [Columbia, 1970]
Magical Shepherd [Warner, 1976]
Majesty Music [Arista, 1976]
Miroslav [Arista, 1977]
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Miroslav, a solo album with Don Alias & Arme Halburian contributing percussion parts is a wonderfull landscape album ; with nice orchestral tone colours provided by the synths, and great grooves.

It predates some of the ECM work of the bass player.

Incredible violin bass improvisations, always climbing the upper register of his instrument...

Majesty music is a nice album, a little smooth in parts, very easily datable to 1975 as well with the ARP solina prevalent in the mix.

one of my favorites,great help from lenny white,jaroslav jacubovic.unfortunately long out of print,hard to find