Leon Thomas
Kozmigroov Albums
Spirits Known and Unknown [Flying Dutchman, 1969]
The Leon Thomas Album [Flying Dutchman, 1970]
In Berlin [Flying Dutchman, 1971]
Gold Sunrise on Magic Mountain [Flying Dutchman, 1971]
Blues and the Soulful Truth [Flying Dutchman, 1973]
Full Circle [Flying Dutchman, 1973]
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Hey and how's about JOE Thomas' "Feelin's From Within" lp ? May be slick, but that "Polarizer" has got some incredible keyboard stuff by either Barry Miles or Pat Rebillot that will appeal to any KozmiGleeson fan.
[(pv) [uzine]]

Leon Thomas is all things good on the kosmigroov world. A personal fav of mine that I can't stop playing is 'Its my Life I'm Fighting For' from Full Circle....killer groove with some great solo's, more political stlye singing than the usual yodelling mayhem...
[Ayyub King]

Side two of Gold Sunrise On Magic Mountain contains two tunes (Na Na/Umbe Weti) that are performed as one side-long piece. They are driven by a hypnotic piano riff, and chug along in a wonderful deep and solid groove. Leon Thomas embellishes this groove with all the yodels and yelps you could ask for. There's a point about half-way where the whole thing suddenly clicks into that 'zone' were music really clicks all your on-switches. The only thing that lets this side down is when you get the band introductions at the end. After that beautiful free-form vocal performance, recognisable words kind of spoil it bit.

I really like "Song for my father" on "Blues and the Soulful Truth".
There are 3 very good songs on "Spirits Known and Unknown"