Cal Tjader
Kozmigroov Albums
Agua Dulce [Fantasy, 1970]
Live At The Funky Quarters [Fantasy, 1970]
Amazonas [Fantasy, 1975]
Huracán [Crystal Clear, 1978]
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Amazonas (Airto-produced from '75) has a deceptively cheezy sheen, kinda a la Deodato; actually gets pretty deep at points, esp. the experimental final cut "Cahuenga".  Hermeto plays flute on a few tracks, Egberto Gismonti (piano *and* synthesizer) & Robertinho Silva are also in the band.  Features an inferior version of Airto's beautiful "Xibaba" which nonetheless has some smokin' electric geetar. [JW]

Cal Tjader---now this is the greatest vibist ever. You want chops, go get Burton. You want feel? The right notes at the right time? This is it. 'Solar Heat' kills, and 'Amazonas' is also highly reccommended to initiate first timers.