Wayne Shorter
Kozmigroov Albums
Supernova [Blue Note, 1969]
Odyssey of Iska [Blue Note, 1970]
Moto Grosso Feio [Blue Note, 1970]
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Supernova features a 9 minute percussive work-out on Jobim's "Dindi" as well as a couple of spacey Shorter compositions with Sonny Sharrock's guitar subtley ringing, (there's only one or two tunes where SS does his characteristic shredding). Also a nice pensive piece called "Water Babies". Great, varied stuff. [KG]

I would classify some of the material on Moto Grosso Feio as kosmigroovy, although leaning more towards kosmic, with only a little bit of groovy...With Shorter on tenor and soprano, pianist Chick Corea plays marimba, drums and percussion, bassist Ron Carter mostly performs on cello, electric guitarist John McLaughlin sticks to the 12-string guitar and bassist Dave Holland also plays acoustic guitar; drummer Michelin Prell (virtuoso 17-year old female drummer) rounds out the group. Good stuff. [BR]

Odyssey Of Iska - A very unusual album for Shorter recorded right around that 1970 point when Duke Pearson was exploring formats for Blue Note artists that included larger, often electric arrangements, pointing the way towards some of the later 70s soul jazz work on labels like Kudu or CTI. This set, produced by Pearson, features Shorter as the main soloist on tenor and soprano sax, in a group that includes Dave Friedman on vibes, Gene Bertoncini on guitar, Ron Carter and Cecil McBee on bass, and Billy Hart and Alphonse Mouzon on drums. Tracks are long and complicated, with searching soulful arrangements that are part post-Miles fusion, part early 70s indie soul jazz. Shorter's soprano work is very nice, and much more angular than his playing on tenor and titles include "Wind", "Joy", "Storm", and "Calm".

Iska, on the other hand, is mostly kozmi stuff, with one exception (De Pois Do Amour O Vazio). Two bassists (and what bassists!) two drummers, percussion and vibes. Much out-of-tempo drifting-music. Wayne's transition from tenor to soprano in the middle of "Joy" is boggling. In and out of print, and CD copies are selling for $100+ when it's out of print. Anyone who thought that fusion had serious possibilities should have this, "Zawinul", and Vitous' "Infinite Search" on the shelf next to Miles.