Stark Reality
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Now [AJP Records, 1970 | re-issued StonesThrow 2003]
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One of the most tripped-out albums of funk you'll ever buy -- a rare treasure with a very unusual history! The Stark Reality were a cool little combo formed to work on public television in Boston in the late 60s -- and the combo featured some heavy guitars, fuzzed-up vibes, and some monster percussion laid out in tight bass and drum rhythms that were years ahead of their time! The group recorded one rare album -- ostensibly a children's record, but based around old compositions by Hoagy Carmichael, completely pulled apart, sliced up, overly harmonized, and spat out into wild funky tunes that bear no resemblance to their originals! The original album -- Stark Reality Discovers Hoagy Carmichael's Music Shop -- has been a holy grail for collectors for years (we once sold a copy for hundreds of dollars!), and the music has only ever really been heard by a few dedicated beatheads that have tracked down rare copies. Now, though, the geniuses at Stones Throw have put out the whole LP, plus bonus material, in one fantastic package that is soon to make the Stark Reality legends amongst funky fans the world over! Mad vibes meet fuzzy guitars meet killer funky beats -- and the whole thing's a masterpiece that will never be duplicated again! [DustyGroove]

Notably this is an early John Abercrombie guitar artifact, also the Bassist played in an early Sam Rivers trio w/ Tony Williams.