Kozmigroov Albums
Spaceheads [Dark Beloved Cloud, 1995]
Round The Outside (Live In The U.S.A.) [Dark Beloved Cloud, 1996]
Ho! Fat Wallet [Dark Beloved Cloud, 1998]
Angel Station [Merge, 1998]
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Spaceheads are a Manchester duo of Dick Harrison (drums) and Andy Diagram (trumpet). I haven't heard the album (there was a previous album on their own label, I think) but have seen them live and they were sublime just the two of 'em and no prepared samples or tapes. Stuff was looped and transmogrified live and the result was fantastic. Andy Diagram was in a Manchester based improv group the Honkies as well as playing bass in the Diagram Brothers (sort of post punk punk) and played with the execrable (IMHO) James for a few years. [PM]