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Rising Sun [Strut, 2010]
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Rising Sun - An amazing set from this band that never fails to excite us -- and a record that has them really living up to the spiritual promise of their name! Although still filled with the Afro Funky lines that first got the group some notice, there's also a deeper vibe running through this record too -- one that has links to 70s righteous jazz, and a wider range of African expressions too -- including bits of Ethiopian and Egyptian elements as well! The instrumentation is great -- really complex and interesting, with bits of vibes, reeds, and a range of percussion instruments that really keep things fresh -- plus some beautiful piano lines that create an almost Build An Ark sense of peace and promise. Titles include "Negus Negast", "Lotus Flower", "Awakening", "Agbara", and "Rejoice (parts 1 & 2)".