Sonny Sharrock
Kozmigroov Albums
Black Woman [Vortex, 1969]
Monkey-Pockie-Boo [BYG-Actuel, 1970]
Paradise (with Linda Sharrock) [Atco, 1975]
Dance With Me Montana (as Sonny Sharrock Trio) [Marge, 1982]
Guitar [Enemy, 1986]
Seize The Rainbow [Enemy, 1987]
Live in New York [Enemy, 1989]
Highlife (as Sonny Sharrock Band) [Enemy, 1990]
Ask The Ages [Axiom, 1991]
Space Ghost: Coast to Coast [Cartoon Network, 1993]
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Black Woman features Milford Graves, Linda Sharrock, and Dave Burrell. Sharrock's other LP from the same time, Monkey Pockie Boo, is in a similar vein. Extended, haunting freakouts. Marvellous, marvellous stuff. There's a Sharrock quote on the back of the LP sleeve... "the best band I ever heard" - Sonny Sharrock. [NW]