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Music of El Topo [Douglas, 1969]
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You mention the "cover art". Back in the late 70s, I had an LP of El Topo music, but the cover was a photograph still from the movie, showing (if my memory is right) a Mexican cowboy standing out in the desert butt-naked except for a belt and holster with a gun. Must be a different LP from the one you're talking about?

this spanish movie by jodorowski is seriously fucked up and contains everything from midget nuns to disembowelings. the soundtrack which was put out on Apple records by john lennon is an even stranger mix of hillbilly and western themes. it sucks i you ask me but what is worth checking out is the Music of El Topo lp which was released on douglas composed by martin fierra and containing players like hadley caliman, howard wales, and luis gasca. "the dessert is a circle" starts off with mesmerizing spanish guitar and trumpet duet and then kicks in high gear with the funky guitar and drums and the track just builds and builds as wales' burns away on the hammond. there is even an open percussion break at the end. by the way the cover art on this lp are pretty awesome