Kozmigroov Albums
Santana [Columbia, 197 ]
Abraxas [Columbia, 197 ]
Santana III [Columbia, 1971]
Carlos Santana and Buddy Miles! Live! [Columbia, 1972]
Caravanserai [Columbia, 1972]
Love Devotion Surrender (with John McLaughlin) [Columbia, 1973]
Welcome [Columbia, 1973]
Illuminations (with Alice Coltrane) [Columbia, 1974]
Lotus [Columbia, 1974]
Borboletta [Columbia, 1974]
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Caravanserai is a great Kozmigroov album.
Other great tracks:
Singing Winds Crying Beasts (Abraxas)
Mother Africa (Welcome)
Canto de los Flores (Borboletta)
Aqua Marine (Marathon)
Tales of Kilimanjaro (Zepop)

[Karsten Marshall]

Dear Carlos
Id like to thank you for the most beautiful music that you play. I have one wish, and that is to see you play in person. Thank you once again.
[alicia gasca, chula vista, california]