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Getting It Together [Reynolds, 1979]
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Amazing funky jazz from the 70s -- a completely rare little set recorded in the Bay Area scene of the time -- featuring hip trumpet work from Woody Shaw, and lots of cool keyboards from Patrick Gleeson! The feel here is somewhere in the territory of work that Gleeson did with Herbie Hancock in the mid 70s, or of some of the spinoff Headhunters funky jazz projects recorded on Mercury -- but the groove's also a bit looser too, given that the album was done by the small Reynolds indie label. Other players include Norman Williams on alto, Michael Howell on guitar, and Allan Pittman on additional trumpet -- and there's a simple, focused approach to the grooves that's totally great -- very soulful, and very in the pocket -- never too spacey or overly jamming, like some of the best Fantasy Records funky fusion of the time! Titles include "Getting It Together", "Getting To The Moon", "Hozrot", "Waterman", and "Love Ballad".