Lonnie Liston Smith
Kozmigroov Albums
Astral Travelling [Flying Dutchman, 1973]
Cosmic Funk [Flying Dutchman, 1974]
Expansions [Flying Dutchman, 1975]
Reflections of a Golden Dream [Flying Dutchman, 1976]
Visions of a New World [Flying Dutchman, 1976]
Loveland [Columbia, 1978]
Exotic Mysteries [Columbia, 1978]
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Lonnie is mostly best with other people; at least that's my conclusion. His first two solo albums on Flying Dutchman are great but from there on they're an uneven bunch. Most lack the edge or percussiveness of his playing with Pharoah or Gato or Leon Thomas; and he was quickly seduced by very namby pamby new age mellowness. His brother Donald is a great keyboard player; I've seen him, and actually can sing, but there's something odd about his singing with Lonnie, described somewehere I recall as "mewing". The other two albums on CD from Flying Dutchman aren't bad, they're just much more about jazz funk lite. His disco albums and modern albums, well, I better shut up. [ISH]

Further albums to add:
Renaissance (especially track "Mongotee")
Dreams of Tomorrow
[Karsten Marshall]