Kristian Schultze Set
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ReCreation [1972]
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Freaky electric funk from keyboardist Kristian Schultze --a real lost jammer from the 70s, and a record that really makes our ears happy! The feel here is like some of the best MPS electric funk of the time -- particularly the messed-up, fuzzed-out albums of Dave Pike and Wolfgang Dauner -- with lots of heavy drums, tight horns, and really tight jazzed up grooves. The whole thing's incredibly tight, but also down and dirty -- with a really striking feel that really makes the album stand out from the pack! The group includes Joe Nay on drums and Dusko Goykovich on trumpet -- and tracks include "Puls", "Phrase/Overdrive", "Ambivalens", "Dinghi", "Alles Klar Alles Klar", and "Start (Echo Drum Suite)". [DustyGroove]

Absolutely a great find- I was in the electronic section of my local cd shop and I happened upon this, and the artwork drew me in. After looking closer at the rear of the case I realized this was recorded in '72 and knew it had to be something special. Although it was misshelved under electronic I am so happy I came across this lost little gem of funky jazz...
[Caleb C]

Great LP. The whole thing has a thread of distorted and ring modulated electric piano in a similar style to The Stark Reality LP.