Jeremy Steig
Kozmigroov Albums
This Is [Solid State, 1968]
Legwork [Solid State, 1969]
Wayfaring Stranger [Blue Note, 1970]
Energy [Capitol, 1971]
Fusion [Groove Merchant, 1972]
Monium [Columbia, 1974]
Temple of Birth [Columbia, 1975]
Firefly [CTI, 1977]
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Fusion is Jeremy Steig with the same lineup (Jan Hammer, Gene Perla and Don Alias) that would go on to propel Steve Grossman through his two solo albums on PM. The ridiculously funky Perla/Alias rhythm section conjures a fairly soulful performance from Hammer. None of that dry Mahavishnu blur of notes-- he actually reminds me of Mike Nock, particularly when he squeezes his Rhodes through a ring-modulator. Steig's great too, swirling and snorting like an asthmatic in a cigar lounge. And like I said, Gene and Don sit so deep in the pocket they ain't seen daylight for the past 30 years. (Fusion includes all of the Capitol lp Energy as well as additional unauthorized tracks selected by the Groove Merchant hisself, Sonny Lester. This material also appears on a Giganti del Jazz and on the Something Else CD reissue.) [DW]

I strongly suggest adding this ...Steig, Jeremy Lend Me Your Ears USA 1978 to your list here. Despite it`s coming after the rather unfortunate "Firefly" it`s yet another wonderful, over-looked Kosmigroov title.
[Craig Shropshire]

Anyone know where I can buy a copy of Monium (on CD)? I understand it was re-released in 2003 as a combo with Flute Fever... thanks!

"Fusion" was a re-release of "Energy" tracks with an added disc of takes from the same sessions. Most of the tracks have been re-released on CD as "Somethin' Else", with the exception of the "Energy" title cut, (which was used as a Vernor's ginger-ale commercial!) "Monium" which was more stuff in the seriously kozmigroove mode, (more bass flute, more multi-track, and more echoplex). was due to be re-released on CD by Collectables Records last year with the much earlier (non-fusion) "Flute Fever", but negotitations for rights apparently fell through...

howlin' for judy a track off his legwork album was sampled by the beastieboys track sureshot
[thor mclean]