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Giant Box [CTI, 1973]
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Giant Box is an all-star joint, well-stocked by damned near everyone who'd ever recorded for Creed Taylor Inc. The blending of Stravinsky's "Firebird" with Mahavishnu's "Birds of Fire" is predictably an over-inflated affair but if you lose the orchestration (which is scarily similar to those Xmas musicals that distance me from cable tv each December), the jams are fairly decent. Cobham sounds more lithe than he ever did in the MO, and both Laws and Hubbard turn in great solos. The album doesn't get stinky until the vocals make their invasion on the album's second half, the effect most drastically felt on the creepy religious libretto on "Psalm 150" (unfortunate since the grooves are otherwise fairly mighty-- and Milt Jackson's treated vibes are totally buzzed), and the shivering Buscaglia-like sentiments that ruin the opening spaceflute on "Fly." Outside of these dubious moments, Giant Box is relatively indistinguishable from the bulk of the CTI catalog. [DW]

yea man. i have the album the cassette and the cd. get it and you will say, what was i waiting for. this is a classic.