Steve Reid
Kozmigroov Albums
Rhythmatism [Mustevic, 1975]
Nova [Mustevic, 1976]
Odyssey of the Oblong Square [Mustevic, 1977]
Visions of the Third Eye (credited to New Life Trio) [Mustevic, 1979]
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_Nova_ An underground soul jazz classic! This brilliant LP is the best-ever recording by drummer Steve Reid -- cut with a hip group of loft jazz players that includes Ahmed Abdullah, Richard Williams, and Les Walker, perfectly summing up the spiritual energy that was running through the New York scene in the middle of the 70s. Instrumentation mixes acoustic soloing on sax and trumpet with bubbling Fender basslines and some very hip organ grooves -- in a darkly sinister way that will make the set one of the freshest "new classics" in your collection! The album includes the great groover "Lions of Judah", plus other nice ones like "Long Time Black", "Sixth House", "Nova", and "Free Spirits--Unkown".

Rhythmatism - A fantastic mid 70s set led by drummer Steve Reid -- fronting group of players who roll so tight, it's sinister! Reid is an absolute steamroller on this set, laying down a fast-paced, super tight funky backdrop for the rest of the players to groove fluidly over the top. Three of the five tracks run well north of the 10 minute mark -- and those pieces are strong as can be, providing just enough room for the players to lay out a groove that lies beautifully between the mid 60s avant garde of Ornette Coleman and the spiritual soul jazz of the mid 70s. The core group includes pianist Les Walker (who penned most of the material here), plus David Wertman on a wonderfully rubbery bass, Michael Keith on trombone and Arthur Blythe on alto sax -- with guests Chris Capers (trumpet), Melvin Smith (guitar) and Charles Tyler (baritone sax) on "Center Of The Earth". Great stuff, with a really dark edge!