Dom Um Romão
Kozmigroov Albums
Dom Um Romão [Muse, 1972]
Spirit Of The Times [Muse, 1973]
Hotmosphere [Pablo, 1976]
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Can't recommend the Dom Um Romão CD on Muse highly enough. Richard Kimball's synth & Joe Beck's fleet guitar wind through a moody, minor rainforest of rhythms on the first cut, "Dom's Tune".  After some percussive thunderrrolls courtesy Dom Um, an understated horn riff comes in, backing up Beck's wah-wah excursion through the stratosphere.  Beautiful, & nearly 9 minutes long!  Dom & co. turn the mood around completely on the next cut, Milton Nascimento's "Cinnamon Flower"-- Joe Beck's work on this is just marvelous, fast yet understated-via-wah runs which weave throughout the joyously propulsive beat of Nascimento's folky tune, w/a deeply bouncy bottom provided by Frank Tusa's (elec. fretless?) basswork.  The rest of the cuts on the album proper are less kozmik w/o Beck, but ace space-bossa, a la Airto's work of the era, w/tons of coloration (organ, harpsichord courtesy João Donato, & of course Dom's extensive arsenal of awesome melodic Brazilian percussion, displayed to excellent effect on "Braun-Blek-Blu"-- easily my fave "drum solo" of recent memory).  But wait-- there's a whole album's worth of bonus cuts (which were probably released as a second album, but the weak-ass liner notes don't shine any light on the issue) featuring Beck! [JW]