Kozmigroov Albums
Puzzle [Motown, 1973]
The Second Album [Motown, 1974]

Don't know much about Puzzle 'cept that they recorded a pair of lps for Motown in the 70s.  I've a copy of their second, a '74 release that was creatively branded, The Second Album.  Nothing striking, not much redeemable really-- think BS&T horns-inflected pop rock led by a vocalist who apparently was quite buzzed by Todd Rundgren's stylings at the time.  But damn, if there ain't one cut that's keeping this album from a descent into the dump bin-- a complete anachronism called "Haiku" (credited to one "B. Williams"-- anyone confirm if this'd be Buster?)  It's an instrumental very much on the "Astral Travelling" tip, dripping with wind chimes and percussion, phased Rhodes, a repetitious bassline and a slow spiritual theme played on muted trumpet.  Very righteous shit, and an opportunity otherwise lost, it appears. [DW]