Pork Pie
Kozmigroov Albums
Transitory [MPS, 1974]
The Door Is Open [MPS, 1976]
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Jack's group, "jazz a confronto n15" is also a Pork Pie album, and a good one ! Strange title, isn't it ?

The two albums from Pork Pie are similar to the best Weather Report albums, with a nice indian flavor.

Organic sounds from the keyboards of Jasper Van't Hof, en alter-ego of Zawinul ; and exotic tone colours from Charlie Mariano that shines with passion on his nagasuram (an indian oboe), flutes & saxes.

The wailing tears of sounds pouring of Mariano's soprano are some of the finest moments in jazz I've ever heard !!!

two album = two kozmik killers, listen also to Edward Vesala's NAN MADOL (feat. Mariano), and Tea For Four (with Van't Hof & Mariano).