Piano Conclave (George Gruntz)
Kozmigroov Albums
2001 Keys [Atlantic, 1974]
Palais Anthology [MPS, 1975]
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Piano Conclave were an octet led by George Gruntz, featuring six (!) keyboardists and a rhythm section. They released only two albums, both on German labels. 2001 Keys looks fantastic-- the cover is a drawing of Gruntz wearing a spacesuit and floating between two keyboards which stretch out behind him to infinity. The music varies from spacey electric jazz to free atonalism to the goofy serialist funk of George Duke-era Mothers, quite often within the same cut.  Palais Anthology is the better known (and pricier) of the two, owing to "Hal-Lucy-'n-o'-One Step", a slow freakout jam with a beat that's disabled far too many cratediggers. The rhythm section of Alphonse Mouzon and John Lee never sounded more severe. [DW]

Okay, upon hearing 2001 keys, I would say this is definately A-list kozmigroov. I mean just listen to it, and you will hear. opendawe's description perfectly sums up this obscure masterpiece.
[Da Accomplice]

Palais Anthology is alot more focused, together,tighter than 2001 Keys which for me equates to a little more accessabilty - it's more musical kinder to the listner and dj.You will definately, without a doubt love "Hal-Lucy-'n-o'-One Step",wow. Upon saying that this album is far from a one tracker. Go shopping and of course do....

found 2001 keys space/trip/funk/punk wrapped into tonal bleats of euphoric fantasy loaded with fat bassslines at times, do smoke