Passport (Klaus Doldinger)
Kozmigroov Albums
Doldinger [Atlantic, 1971]
Second Passport [Atlantic, 1972]
Hand Made [Atlantic, 1973]
Looking Thru [Atlantic, 1973]
Cross-Collateral [Atlantic, 1975]
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Love this site! It brings back so many memories of my radio show in the 70's as I played about 90% of the bands/musicians you list here that were active in the 70's or earlier. Passport got a lot of airplay and I got to interview Klaus when they played the Aragon in Chicago.

Here's a track from 'Looking Thru' that you can listen to:

Passport actually recorded some of their best music in the 1980's and 1990's.

The live record (Doldingers jubilee?) w/ Buddy Guy (what?) and Les Mccann has a great high energy version of "Compared To What". Played back to back with the classic and funky Roberta Flack version it makes for quite an interesting contrast.

As a Contemporary Music Consultant my strongest influence for high energy evocative music.
[Ian Sexton]

Cross-Collateral is really the one to get! Jazz/prog/rock... Their best. Curt Cress is one hell of a drummer!

I'd add Infinity Machine to the list I think circa 1976. Bit cheesy in parts but some really way out tight as f**k playing. Kinda like space rock cross Stacking Baked Beans stylee.