Jaco Pastorius
Kozmigroov Albums
Jaco (live) [Improvising Artists, 1976 (recorded in 1974)]
Jaco Pastorius [Columbia, 1976]
Word of Mouth [Warner Bros, 1981]
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Jaco never really did much for me personally (I just listened to side one for the first time in probably 10 years, still doesn't rock my world) -- sound is basically Seventh Galaxy-era Return to Forever (at least on side one) without the pyrotechnics. YMMV... Er, actually I'll take it back a bit ... yes, you can hear Jaco on side two, and yes, he has some of those bubbly god-like moments. Metheny has some nice sustain-y moments too, tho he hadn't yet found his first "classic" sound. Still sounds like RTF tho. [JF]

Jaco is still the only Pastorius album to really get inside my head.  Despite his innovation with the fretless electric bass, his seamless virtuosity tends to usually blow over me.  But there's something about his playing here that's charmingly sloppy.  Metheny as well, although as Jim notes, he's kinda undefined at this point. Re. the RTF comparison, there's maybe that similarity in instrumentation but for me, Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy (and onwards) is infested with unsubtle themes that for me kinda undermine the astral travelling of their jams.  The playing on Jaco is overall much looser, with a direction toward mood rather than some kinda heavy statement.  Nope, my take is that this one meets that early 70s model of planetary jazz that RTF -- aside from their titles ("After The Cosmic Rain", "Space Circus", nice!)-- rarely if ever touch. Jaco's 1976 debut on Columbia is a stylistic mess which seems to have been intended strictly as a showcase for his bassistry. Worth keeping if only for Pastorius' magnificent coupling with Don Alias on "Okonkolé Y Trompa", whose percussive repetitions offer a sorta minimalist take on the rhythm section concept. The cut is nicely elevated by Peter Gordon on french horn. [DW]

I am really interested in what some folks are comparing these albums to..I mean for their time a place in music of that period, they all expanded the elements surrounding so called Jazz music at the time, these artists we searching, improvising, creating interesting music that stretched the mind and our ears to the future of things to come...Ever notice how many players we now consider great,gods, whatever ..GOT their skilz listening to THOSE albums...a time and a place for everything folks..Peace Pete
[Pete Cummings]

Pastorious a Stylistic Mess???? You should really be more honest when listening to music. I've heard a many different things to try and degrate genius, but a stylistic mess?????? Come on be honest when you listen, don't let your mind get in the way.
[Music is ...]

It's ok, you'll get over it!
LOL, you dork ... talk about things you UNDERSTAND.