Flora Purim
Kozmigroov Albums
Butterfly Dreams [Milestone, 1973]
Stories To Tell [Milestone, 1974]
Encounter [Milestone, 1977]
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Encounter is an album which at first seems like a unremarkably smooth ride until you notice that you'd left the ground a few minutes back.  As Jason indicated in his Milestone-era Joe Henderson spiel, the boxset contains a coupla pieces of Encounter ("Windows" and "Black Narcissus"), which are okay but not exactly intense.  Far better are tracks like the the crazy title piece, which is a nicely zonked convergence of cosmic scat vocalise with Flora, Urszula Dudziak and Googie Coppola.  Dripping wet production here -- even if such Brazillian fusion ain't yr bag, this one will taste very fine when appropriately cranked.  Another reason to check out this album is "Uri", with its focus on Hermeto's underrated electric piano and Flora's siren calls beckoning from the forest canopy.  Sweet. [DW]

A favorite Flora item of mine besides "Return To Forever" & it's underrated companion Album "Free" by Airto) is Dafos w/ Airto and Mickey Hart. Bobby Vega's bass gives the largely atmospheric proceedings a funky injection. Worth it for the audophile recording values alone.