Dave Pike
Kozmigroov Albums
Noisy Silence - Gentle Noise [MPS, 1969]
Four Reasons [MPS, 1969]
Live At The Philharmonie [MPS, 1969]
The Doors of Perception [Vortex, 1970]
Infra-Red [MPS, 1970]
Album [MPS, 1971]
Salomao [MPS, 1973]
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Only one I have (I guess I need to experiment a little more) is The Doors of Perception on Herbie Mann's Vortex label, from 1970. The title promises more than the record delivers, it's mostly pretty lounge-y, "so-cool swinging" stuff. Other player of note on the date is Lee Konitz on sax. One decent jazz organ track ("The Drifter") but no sleeve credit for organ. The leadoff track "Free Improvisation" is the only thing that really works for me right now, (and not because it's "free" because it's not very), incorporating lots of sound effects and more echo than you can shake a steel plate at, applied in the cheeziest way possible. Could be the sndtrk for the "freakout" scene in a Ray Dennis Steckler movie... [JF]