Barre Phillips
Kozmigroov Albums
For All It Is [Japo, 1971]
Mountainscapes [ECM, 1976]
Three Day Moon [ECM, 1979]
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On Mountainscapes, the Trio of John Surman, Stu Martin and Barre Phillips (plus Abercrombie and synthesist Dieter Feichtner) lay down the prototype of the icy ECM sound, but still keep the edges satisfyingly rough.  Sort of an ECM take on "In A Silent Way."  Sort of. [DW]

Mountainscapes is such a killer piece of work!!! really reminds me (!!!!) of that kinda dark, sparse, urgent vibe about it. so good!!

and 3 Day Moon is wonderful fusion music.....

This is freaky, in a very cool kind of way. I'm listening to a-i-a From phillip's three day moon record on ECM,(with terje rypdal) very nice stuff. I have Mountainscapes as well :)
[Freak Q Librium]