Shunzo Ohno
Kozmigroov Albums
Falter Out [Victor, 1972]
Something's Coming [EastWind, 1975]
Bubbles [EastWind, 1975]
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Something's Coming (UCCJ-4025)and Bubbles (UCCJ-9031)were reissued on limited edition cd in 2006 on Eastwind records. Manhattan Blue was on cd (ProJazz cdj649) in 1987. Falter out was Japanese only, not yet out on cd. Quarter Moon is not on cd yet, album is 1981, on Inner City Records, IC1108. Q. M. is an amazing album, with some hummable tunes mixed with some Trippy stuff - it sounds really fresh even today. Also look for Antares (on lp only so far) on Electric BirdK28P6013. Try Early Records in Japan,

Shuzo and Kazuka Ohno are the couple I'LL love to be back in contact with'
How can i reach Shuzo Ohno the Japanese trumpeter,I am Kansi email;
[Kansi David Ebere]

I am looking for cds or records by the artist, Shunzo Ohno: Quarter Moon, Manhattan Blue, Falter Out, Something's Coming and Bubbles. How can I order these recordings?

'Falter Out' is one of the better Japanese jazz LPs of the early '70s. The title track is loosely based around Herbie Hancock's 'Maiden Voyage' and is split into two sections. 'Alfa' is standard, pacey hard bop fare, but still relatively cliche-free. It's a fairly strong album and is highly recommended.
The later fusion efforts are more than passable, with a stand-out track on each. 'Something's Comming' (sic.) features 'But It's Not So', which is aggressive space-funk/rock in a Miles Davis style, though somewhat less edgy. Very funky,nonetheless. Title track of 'Bubbles' is an epic (1/4 hour long) mellow jam of medium pace.
[Sean P.]