Kozmigroov Albums
Goldenwings [Milestone, 1976]
Magic Time [Milestone, 1977]
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Opa is Hugo Fattoruso and Ruben Rada plus Ringo Theilemans, a group of Uruguayans who were one of Airto and Flora's backing bands for a while in the '70s. Ruben Rada is an Afro-Uruguayan singer who comes out of the Candombe tradition, and has a few albums of his own. Are these folks kozmic? Well, if you think Airto & Flora are at all, then they'd qualify. Hugo Fattoruso was big into arp synthesizers which adds kind of a spacey vibe. If I remember correctly one side of "Magic Time" is sort of dark in a kozmic-kinda-way. [ISH]

I still have fond memories of partying with Jorge (George we called him)& his wife when they lived here in Dublin,Ga. They were frequent patrons of my pop's music store,with Jorge giving lessons there.I'm priveledged to have known these fine musicians & their band(Opa)& think of them often.
[Earl Cannon]

many years ago i had the good fortune to have had OPA be the house band in my home town - for YEARS! That would be O'Hara's in Palm Beach. Flora and Airto and David Amaro came to visit for a while. In my college years 75-77 I spent many summer nights in a trance watching these fantastic musicians. I asked hugo and jorge, while smoking in the parking lot, what it was like in the studio when they recorded Airto's FINGERS. "very stiff and uptight" was their answer. i could hardly imagine that, what with wild crazy great records like Freddie Hubbard's STRAIGHT LIFE and Joe Farrell's MOON GERMS coming out of Rudy Van Gelder's Studio and CTI records. Opa had Reuben Rada singing and playing percussion for a long time. And they really were from another world. Ringo and Jorge rented a little house on the railroad tracks in WPB, and the trains would roar and shake those houses. The didn't mind, quite the contrary. They dug the wild demented big band chords of the horn and the intense rhythm of the rails. Then, one by one the Fatturosos left and the band slowly disolved, the remains mutating into a not always inspired bar-band called FIESTA.
In 1978 or 9, In New Orleans i saw Flora P and Airto w/ Hugo and Ruben. This was a beautiful, gansta plush club called ROSIE'S and was THE premium jazz spot in N.O. during those days. It was sold-out, but we went to the club at 5 pm for soundcheck hoping to see them load in and piggyback our way in to see if we knew anyone, i thought probably not. I had never met Flora (she was an amazon goddess to me) but we arrive and - who is standing in the street near the load-in dock but Hugo, Flora and Reuben. "Hey Man, what are you doing here?" the surprised Hugo happily asks me like I was his brother. "Meet Flora." I was there with my college girlfriend and my other best friend. They must've thought I was cool, I sure did. We were ecstatic, burnin' one w Flora, Hugo and Rada in broad afternoon daylight Tchapitoulas Street in New Orleans. When saying goodbye Flora hugged me and asked how many for the guest list? It was the friggin' best seat in the house front center. How lovely are those people?

I play jazz and visited with these guys in 1975-76. They brought power generators from the USA to be able to play in a small town with hardly any power suplly.

I wrote regarding the album "Otros Shakers" a couple of years ago and since have managed to get Golden wings & Magic time, Back home & a similar one recently released which is a compi of all three but I'm still looking for Otros Shakers. Please, contact me at: rodzillasystem@yahoo.com.au or www.myspace.com/voodoohifirodzilla if you know where I might find it. Cheers!
[Rodrigo Fernandez(Rodzilla)]

Who am I writing to but this is my thankfulness to Opa and Hugo Rube,Osvaldo Ringo and Uruguayan music ,there is a video of Ruben Rada in 1987 ,I had one but it is with my frien Julio Figueroa in Los Angeles,El Maestro Ricardo has the original and I am trying to get it mailed by a friend of mine who studies with him to Chicago,thw brilliance of this musicians is my thankfulness,to help let the divine in me blossom,thanks,God Bless,



I just want to say that Hugo Fattoruso, Ruben Rada and Ringo Theilemans are geniuses and I respect and admire their music (especially Hugo) greatly. Thankyou for shaping my musical direction.

Perry Hemus
Woodland Records
[Perry Hemus Woodland Records]

Hi Freeform,

I sang with Opa on Otroshakers. I was married to Osvaldo and Hugo (one of the most brilliant pianists ever)is my ex-brother-in-law.

(Please keep our correspondence confidential.)

I still have contact with both Hugo and Osvaldo. I sang with Opa right after Airto and Flora.

There really is nothing to report. They are all in Montevideo. I saw Rada recently - March 05. He is doing very well. Rather commercial though.

Opa was one of the best bands ever. Hugo is still brilliant.

You can now buy both Opa albums online in Amazon.

All the musicians in the Opa trio are not super commercial musicians. They are unique, abstract, and unconventional. None are really like anyone would think.

Do please remember them in their brillence.


Carol Moore (Fattoruso)
now Carol Moore-Beledo

re: Otroshakers

I think I have the original LP. I don't know if other versions exist.
[Carol Moore]

There is also a cd called back home which is unreleased music from 1975.Hugo also played with Jaco Pastorious the world's greatest bass player.Super kosmic
[mike lennon]

opa also did an album under the name "otros shakers" which is even spacier than the two you just mentioned but just as wicked if anyone out there has a copy or knows where I could get one please email me : rod@chimp.com.au
[Rodzilla fernandez]

Hombre this is my favourite band of all time. For years now I've been looking for these albums a friend of my father has both these albums however don't know the condition or where in his house he has them and this guy is hopeless if you ask him for a favour like looking for them. I have an old tape of both albums minus "Corre nina" which if I could get it I'd be totally stoked, anyhow I recently put what I have on CD and EQued them as best I could but want to find originals desperately also if you like them you should check out Hermeto Pascoal who played Fender Rhodes piano on some of these tunes. Good to know someone out there digs wicked music and it's just a pity not so many people know about them. My father knew Hugo and his bro Osvaldo when they were kids so if I can get to Uruguay at the end of '05 I'm going to get in touch with them somehow and try to organise a jam session with them as I'm also a jazz guitar player/rapper and have always dreamed of such an event anyhow here's my email address: rod@chimp.com.au drop us a line by the way Osvaldo Fattorusso was the drummer on these sessions
[rodzilla fernandez]

If anyone has any of these albums, please concat me at innerlab@hotmail.com . Thanks

Wonder of wonders - the two albums are available in a CD : Milestone MCD-47074-2

It's still beautiful!
[Peter Balcon]

Magic Time was one of the most beautiful records I had ever heard at the time. Flora Purim's voice soars across the lush sounds. Probably the real original chill out/ trance dance music. Highly recommended.

I spent years looking for a copy, found one, copied it to tape, then lost the record and had the tape stolen.

Guess I liked it too much!
[Peter Balcon]