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Mannekind [Mainstream, 1972]
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[Mannekind has] some great great tunes, lots of percussion by Shelly and Brian Moffatt, and the keyboard job nicely done by Mike Wofford (whom i didn't know till then). "Scavenger" and "Tomorrow", the longest tunes on the album, really deserve an A rate. [EB]

Located a copy of Mannekind on one of those dodgy Heritage Jazz CD reissues. It's sadly devoid of the great Mainstream cover art that'd inevitably portray the session leader in frightening detail but hey, I'll take it anyway. I've never seen the vinyl, probably owing to the alleged Jeru sample. Gotta concur with Eric re. the kozmiworthiness of this document... ain't no thin spots to be found on this joint. Both sides begin and end with these half minute percussion 'n effects explorations-- amongst other devices, Manne is credited with berimbau, dahka de bellos, and "super balls on cymbals"-- bracketing some tastily expansive grooves. I dunno, the funk seeping outta this drop has to be the skankiest I've heard anywhere on the Mainstream label. Check the last coupla minutes of "Tomorrow" for guitarist John Morrell gettin' totally rabid on the wah pedal. Wofford (who also enlightened Oliver Nelson's "Skull Session" on Flying Dutchman) is outstanding on el-p and synth flatulence. Heavenly. [DW]