Sergio Mendes
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Primal Roots [A&M, 1972]

Primal Roots is leagues beyond his loungepoppy stuff.  Actually recorded in '73 (I guess "Brasil '66" was sounding kinda moldy by then), this features Airto on percussion, lots of excellent rootsy Bahian/Brasilian songs by Dorival Caymmi & Baden Powell, among others.  The centerpiece is the bizarre, 19-minute tropical-prog epic "The Circle Game (Jôgo De Roda)"  (by Edu Lobo & Ruy Guerra).  From the liner notes:  "The Circle Game consists of a compositional mosaic, made up of familiar tunes, improvised passages, and changing moods.  It is conceived sectionally, with deliberate long repetitions."  After a kinda rocky "prog" start, this piece takes off into the stratosphere w/dense pounding piano rhythms, trancey Brazilian percussion, & excellent vocalisations. There also the fabulous "Promise of a Fisherman (Promessa de Pescador)" (by Caymmi) which is an old Bahian fisherman's song of worhip to Iemanjá, Afro-Brazilian goddess of the sea, and the glorious "After Sunrise."

Actually most of the songs on Primal Roots relate in some way to the Afro-Brazilian religion called Candomble; a religion that has lots of adherents among Brazilian musicians, especially those from Bahia. (It's related to but not identical with traditions like Santeria to which many Afro-Cuban or Cuban-American musicians--and me--belong to). Iemanja is indeed the goddess of the sea; another song praises Exu Pomba-Gira, kind of a scantily clad female trixster deity who hangs out on certain streetcorners making sure people really want what they think they're asking for.

I am a music collector with a huge collection of complete albums, all in mp3.
For years now I'm looking after this Sergio Mendes album.
Is there anyone that has the cd-version (if any) or has it in mp3.


I played the album to it go turned in to scratches now I am trying to locate the cd. It didn't get enough exposure. Sergio is the Best! I love the majority of his stuff. I grew up with it. There isn't an Brazilian artist that will ever be able to meet his mark. The same as Burt Bacharach there will never be another to come along to meet the mark. These two artist will go down in history to always be recognized with their unite talent, style, most of all you can tell they love in their expression. Please Sergio Mendes continue to write more of this kind of music. Also a lot of people really love Lani Halls voice. I think you should do some new songs with her voice but don't be shocked when the people who are crazy about music will put you to the top of the charts once again!
[Joyce Carolyn Smith]

i just love his music
[mari blanca]

in the 80's they did a song that had " I know that your slipping away from me " in the chorus . Does anyone know the name of that song ?