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Sweet Sister Funk [Groove Merchant, 1973]
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but . . maybe... you will
[Karin from germany]

I can't believe it! to find you in the www ! Sorry, my english is not so good, but please, Ramon, remember and listen: the year 1970. It was a very hot summer and you are playing in an small club in N.Y. West-End Av. A, 4. Street. I was sweet 17 and with a church-groop in N.Y. One day in August, I think it was the 5.August, I walked alone in the street of the club and I stoped because I listen to your music. You had a break and went to the table near the door, to eat chicken (?). I walked in and you invited me to eat with you. The following ours and also next day we spend our time togehter - you and I - and a your (musican ?)friend !
That time I was a very nice looking girl with long blond hairs and - what can I say - You pleased me to stay on your side and to live with you ! That night, you are playing in the club and told my, that you wait for my, I took my suitcase, said 'good by' to the past and went back to you - but - I arrived the club and you walked with another girl hand in hand along the street. Oh my good !
Ramon, please believe me, I understand, if you do'nt remember this - but for me - it was very special my hole life . Next morning you and your friend standing in front of the bus, that driven me to the airport. You gave signals and shout something - but now I was afraid...
It was a very romantic situation -but a very said too !
Today I'm a composer and texter in germany and "first time in my live" I told this story my sister !
I never had the idea to look after you but because she asked about (what's happened to him now ? - and so on) and because I can't answer anything - SHE said "look at www." And here you are !
I ordered your Sweet Sister Funk - and it was not easy to do this in germany - but with this I have a little more memory!
Ramon, nice to read somthing about you ! I do'nt expect that you answer - althought . . .
All good whishes for you and
all in love
[Karin from germany]

HI RAMON,just happened to be browsing thru jazz music and pulled up your name, I could not listen to the music but I bet It was nice. Take a listen to Mulgrew Millers misic my son-in-law .My e-mail is foxci@sbcglobal.net

Ray, great album. Hey, are you still acting in shows? or just doing music now?

Sweet Sister Funk - One of the rarest albums on the Groove Merchant label -- and one of the best! Ramon Morris has a sweet tone on the tenor that works very well with the electric piano in his tight little combo -- grooving with a style that's like the best Black Jazz funk records of the time -- mixing together bright notes, funky rhythms, and plenty of great chord changes! Cecil Bridgewater's on trumpet, and the band has a really righteous feel -- with lots of real soul and thoughtful playing mixed into the jazz funk grooves of the record. Massive -- with titles that include "Sweat", "Lord Sideways", "Sweet Sister Funk", and a nice version of "People Make The World Go Round".