Nils Petter Molvær
Kozmigroov Albums
Khmer [ECM, 1997]
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Khmer, despite a certain iciness (or less generously, sterility) really enters into an alternate universe where Miles Davis went electric-- albeit a more modern, trip-hoppy kind of electric-- some time during the making of Sketches of Spain.  Which is not to detract from the Kozworthiness of this artifact, which is considerable thanks to Molvær's Moors-from-Space trumpet & numerous shredding guitars. [JW]

I like the two albums that I have, Khmer and Solid Ether. Khmer was one of the first industrial downtempo albums I found. Some guy on Amazon related Khmer to Medeski, Martin, and Wood's first album Notes From The Underground. I don't see the resemblance there, but I'm glad I got it. I agree with the sterility of this recording, reminds me of Erik Truffaz - The Mask (I'll probably get some hell for that one). The sterility on something like Peace Orchestra is a good thing. Its not always great with Molvaer.